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. a 14-year-old boy arrested for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 65-year-old woman. what we learned about the case and the investigation. >> an aalert police officer happens to dine at same restaurant as a suspected gang leader. >> twinkies may be a thing of the past. why you may not be able to buy them anymore. >> rain is starting but will it wash out the weekend? we will talk about the first of two systems. >> and in case you are just joining us this bay bridge drive is terrible. why we have very long lines coming up to the toll plaza. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning.
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welcome. >> it's friday november 16th. topping our news a brutal assault and kidnapping of a 65- year-old woman. the suspect is a 14-year-old. we are in vallejo where we have been following this developing story since 4:30. >> reporter: good morning. police are planning on holding a press conference later this morning where we expect to learn more details but here is what we know. this all started here, this is the plaza shopping center. it's a fairly big shopping center. the woman was coming out of one of the stores when police say she was kidnapped at gun point. according to police she was forced in to her own car and forced to drive this area. she was then the victim of a physical and sexual assault. the victim was left unconscious and duct taped in a ditch and
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the suspect fled in her car. passerbies noticed the victim. called police and were able to apparently give information to police that helped them capture the suspect. the victim's family members got a ransom call demanding money. police found the 14-year-old back at the same shopping center where the kidnapping happened and he was arrested. when he was taken into custody police say he had the victim's property on him, a replica hand gun and the victim's van. he is facing multiple charges. the victim, the 65-year-old woman is in a hospital in stable condition. live here in vallejo. ktv channel 2news. >> oakland police made a big arrest last night and they give the credit to luck and a police officer with a keen eye. police arrested a noted gang
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leader in san francisco at a steak house. an off duty officer was out celebrating his wife's birthday, spotted the gang member. police accuse him of several shootings which police say led to a rival gang attacking his wife. >> she was shot eight times while picking up her kids in oakland a couple weeks ago. this has been an ongoing thing. we hope this will at least end the ongoing gang violence between his crew and other crew. >> reporter: police say he faces potential charges that include home robberies and weapons violations. we also found an hour before last night's arrest oakland police had raided his home in las vegas hoping to catch him there. oakland police say they have arrested a man in connection with two craigslist armed robberies. police say the 19-year-old cas black would post ads on craigslist and when he would
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meet potential customers he would rob them. police say the robberies happened sometime between august 22nd and october 22nd. >> new this morning thousands of workers who are out on strike including many here in the bay area could be out of a job permanently. that's because the company that makes hostess twinkies is making good on its threats to shout its doors. we are live with more. >> reporter: good morning. customers here at this safeway store are shocked that hostess products may go away. i went into the store earlier and i bought the last package of individually wrapped twinkies and that's because workers say that the delivery truck hasn't been here for a week to restock. here is a picture that i took this morning of the hostess shelf inside the safeway store.
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it's run out of many of the products. thousands of workers at hostess's 86 bakeries around the country have been on strike. they say their wages have been cut and their pensions frozen. >> the ceo said if the workers didn't return to work by 5:00 p.m. yesterday then the company would shut down operations. the 82-year-old company is already bankrupt and will go to court. it's not known if another company will buy the product. i spoke to one food delivery truck driver who grew up eating hostess. >> when i heard i was dismayed to say the least. i'm very sad for the country drivers. they have routes that they work for years. >> reporter: 18,000 people are set to loose their jobs, bakery operations have been suspended
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at all plants. hostess could close everything as early as november 20th and that is two days before thanksgiving. we had another news crew swing by the bakery that makes the products in oakland and the news crew interviewed some of the people -- we are trying to get that video back. i'm told by that crew that those workers hadn't heard the news that the plant was shutting down. they were at a loss for words and said they will stay there on strike until they hear word from upper management. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> just about ten minutes the president is due to meet with congressional leaders at the white house. he wants consensus on how to avoid the upcoming fiscal cliff. he will meet with democrats and republicans of both the house and senate. the vice president will be there as well.
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the president wants any deficit reduction plan to include tax increases on the wealthy but republicans are saying they will not accept higher tax rates. >> now we are hear that cia is opening an investigation into the general conduct of former cia director david petraeus who resigned after admitting an affair. the woman he had the affair with paula broadwell was found to have classified information in her possession. this morning he is on capitol hill testifying about the attack in libya. coming up for you at 7:15 we will bring you a live report from washington on when he are hearing lawmaker who heard him testify. the fbi agent who started the investigation that led to the resignation said a shirtless photograph of him found in the e-mail of jill
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kelley was meant as a joke. fredricks humphries said he was making fun of himself and it wasn't sexual. it shows him posing with a pair of dummies. everybody thought they looked like him so hee mailed the photograph to friends with a caption saying which one is fred? >> it is 7:08. a memorial is planned in vallejo this weekend to remember an officer killed in the line of duty. its been one year since the officer was allegedly shot and killed by henry smith junior accused of leading police on a chase after he robbed a bank the memorial is planned for tomorrow morning on the steps of city hall. the suspect will appear in court for his hearing on november 27th. >> we have major east bay
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traffic problems. sal has the information. >> reporter: we have the problems at the toll plaza because of that earlier crash, happened much earlier. the traffic is getting a little better. i want to let you know we are seeing some improvement. the crash has been gone for about an hour, maybe 45 minutes now. the lanes have been opened but 580 is also very slow trying to get to the bridge. our news chopper 2 is taking a look at the freeway. let's say you want to get down to the bridge and use that instead. southbound 880 on the right. that looks good. heading down to haywood. i would say go head and use the bridge. it'll be crowded but it's not all that bad driving south. if you are driving in san jose any time soon we are seeing a lot of slow traffic on 101 northbound. beginning to slow down at 280, northbound 17 slow as well. 85 going to be moderate.
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7. >> twitter sp weather. heard from william, vallejo some rain. rain picking up here jack london square. two systems, first one now and the colder one saturday night and sunday. two rounds, one -- one in the morning and then one tonight. that will be the stronger of the two. that will be the upper level low and then the colder late saturday, early sunday and then the rest of the weekend okay. one band there, there looks like a break here but -- could be a lit hadl break. the atmosphere is getting so juiced up i think it'll be a lot of cloud cover. the heavier rain starting to kick in. when you seat yellow and darker green it's heavier amounts. this will continue to slide north so its taking time to get here. the key is this system. that could get really -- maybe
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some mild to heavy rain. cloud forecast, rain forecast, does show that rain beginning to move in. not a lot but a little bit. watch tonight. this is the evening drive a lot worse. there could be some really steadier rain into tonight and watch what happens and tomorrow. signs that maybe -- heavy to moderate rain. we will see, the next one come in tomorrow night. cloudy, rain starts off and on rain. 60s on the temperatures, not a big issue. clouds, rain take us into saturday night, sun and then a break sunday afternoon, monday, increasing clouds tuesday. >> thank you. it's 7:12, on the brink of war. what is happening this morning in the middle east. >> and think bart trains crowded now? the huge jump in passengers expected in the near future and how the transit agency plans to deal with it. >> everything in that room is burning. >> how a tiny baby helped save a family from their burning
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home. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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. rain has started, nothing to heavy, we will have morning rain, maybe a bit of a break in the afternoon and heavier rain tonight. >> dramatic new video to show you how strong sandy was when it hit parts of new jersey and new york. the videos of two new jersey train stations, the water flooding the elevators, filling up the station with several feet of water. one of the stations in jersey city, the other hoboken. service at both of those stations have been suspended until further notice. yesterday the president was there, got a firsthand look at some of the devastation caused by the storm in staten island. he was talking to this couple,
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they waited in a small crowd to see if they could get a chance to talk to the president and they did. the president has promised fema will be there as long as it takes to get people back on their feet. >> trying to avoid all out war. air raid sirens are wailing in jerusalem and rockets targeted tell aviv for a second straight day. israeli forces gathering along the border for a possible ground attack. want to show you now new video of an overnight rocket attack. israel said it briefly halted area tacks during the visit of the egypt prime minister but that's after it hit 150 targets. the prime minister called on israel to end its attacks but there are glowing signs israel is in preparing for a ground invasion. more protests planned in san francisco today outside the
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israeli consulate. propalestine demonstrators called for an end to the fighting in gaza and united states support of israel. a smaller group of proisraeli demonstrators held a counter protest. >> jewish community stands behind israel right now. nobody wants war but every citizen has a right to be defended by its country. >> the people who are coming, who will be counter protesting have to speak for themselves but they are defending what is in essence a military regime in israel. >> police had 20 officers on seen but no arrests were made. today's protest is planned for 4:00. >> former cia director testifying on capitol hill about the attack on the united states consu late. as allison burns reports we may
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not get to see or hear from him. >> reporter: the general is managing to navigate around capitol hill without any news cameras catching him. this is a live look outside the senate intelligence committee home -- this is the house room where he testified for about an hour and a half. he is -- has gone on now to another hearing. as lawmakers came out of this hearing morning they said it focused on the september 11th attack in libya. with only a brief mention of the affair. members of congress are trying to get the truth about if it was a preplanned attack that killed four americans in libya when the general first briefed congress a few days after it happened, he said the cia believed it stemmed from a protest. today it seems to be a different story. he said he initially believed it was a terrorist attack. republicans say they are
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frustrated about the conflicting information. >> he was saying many streams of intelligence but he also stated that he thought all long he made it clear that there was significant terrorist involvement and that's not my recognition of what he told us. >> reporter: he was asked briefly about his affair this morning. he said he resigned because of that affair, not because of the libya situation. he is testifying now in front of the senate intelligence committee which is chaired by california senator diane feinstein . reporting live from washington dc. >> we now continue our investigation into questionable spending at the port of oakland. commissioners held a meeting, the port's interim leader promised a new era of being transparent, responsible and ethical. the acting executive director didn't discuss the internal
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investigation but noted the port is taking steps to improve oversight. an investigation found that -- that couple of top managers expensed thousands of dollars including a trip to a houston strip club. the port must deal with another problem. it runs the oakland airport and some union workers from therehave voted to authorize a strike. the employees are with the union unite here 2850. they work for hms host. a bone of contention is some are union while others are not. there is no timetable on when the union may call a strike. >> bart may need to buy many more trains to handle all the new people. a new report says that bart expects to carry a half million passengers a day in the near future. by the year 2025 bart may need 980 train cars. so far 775 cars have been bought to replace the current
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ones. >> she is not even old enough to talk but a baby is being called a hero after saving her family from a burning home. eight people were inside this fresno home who it went up in flames early thursday. firefighters say a crying baby woke up the family. >> she saved us. she woke us up at the right time. >> firefighters say the home is a total loss. investigators think it was caused by if faulty electrical firing in the wall. >> we have rain this morning here in the bay area. look outside. that's a live picture. look at those clouds. steve is here. he will tell you how the weekend will look and it looks wet and windy. >> and a strange car crash involving a woman and her child. how it shut down operations at a major united states airport. >> it's a tough one getting to the bay bridge in case you
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haven't heard. we have had big back ups. what happened and what you can do about it.
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. we are now hearing from a friend of john mcafee who is still in hiding. he is refusing to turn himself in for questioning in the death of his neighbor, gregory fall. he said he fears he will be killed if taken in to police custody. authorities call him a person of interest in the killing but a friend disagrees. >> it's stressing me out because i'm like 100% sure he didn't do it. he was here and -- well -- i'm sad because he is not around. >> the prime minister is urging him to cooperate. >> a woman crashed a car
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through a gate at the phoenix sky harbor airport and had a child in the car with her. when that car rammed through the gates, then they drove across the runway. the police eventually forced her to stop. neither she nor the child were hurt. security said she looked like she was impaired. airport operations were shut down for about 15 minutes. >> let's check in with sal, see what's happening at the bay bridge. >> it's recovering a bit. the traffic westbound coming in is now a little better than it was but still very slow approaching from 580 and interstate 80 and 880. 580 is backed up toward the lake shore curve. the crash is gone. it was there last hour in the 6:00 hour. its been gone for a while. you know what happened is they turn the metering lights on extra slow and then they have to get all that traffic out
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before it returns to normal. san mateo bridge could be the alternate. some wet weather is moving through and if you have your wind shield wipers on, headlights must be on. that's a state law. 580 livermore, it's a little slow this morning though it's not as bad as normal. lighter than usual on the way to castro valley. we have some good news. >> thank you. happy friday. first part of the system coming in not that strong but some light rain. heavier part later that. will associate with the upper low. see if i can make this work for me. first line is right there. right there. the key will be this guy back here. that's the low. as that comes in that has a lot more dynamics. that will come maybe toward the north bay. we will see how that works out. that will be the first one is not that strong but the second will be. disregard that by -- that's the wind mills by the way out by
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the delta. lot of times you get returns like that and it says my gosh that's the -- that's sacramento hitting that. sometimes this happens at the pass too for those of you know what i'm talking about. if you don't that's what that is. some of that rain moving on and we have the one system coming in. the second and the colder one starts to arrive late saturday into sunday. cloudy, rain, light, moderate. could be heavier by tonight. it'll be when the low starts to move in. that's the key. the first system coming in setting the stage for more rain. won't be a wash out but it won't be sunny either. rain today and early saturday. then again late saturday, early sunday. >> all right. the bay area mother devastated, burglars stole an urn with her baby's ashes. >> my baby. do not discard him like he didn't mean anything and like he is trash. >> a very emotional plea for the safe return. >> residents on edge.
7:28 am
we spoke to public works. how they say they are planning to protect this neighborhood over the weekend. >> and the thanksgiving travel season already in full swing here at sfo this morning. what you should expect if you are flying today and how the wet weather may impact your plans. .ñ
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. more on a developing story in vallejo. a 6a-year-old is in the hospital in stable condition after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted allegedly by a 14-year-old boy. she was kidnapped at gun point in front of a store yesterday. the 14-year-old suspect apparently forced her to drive to a nearby location and beat her into unconsciousness. the victim was duct taped dumped in a ditch at hidden brook parkway and highway 80. people driving by sought victim and told police. the suspect called the victim's family demanding money for her safe return. investigators eventually tracked him down, booked him into the juvenile hall on multiple charges including attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping for ransom. >> very nervous residents in one neighborhood this morning as the rain is moving in. they are still dealing last
7:32 am
week's hillside collapse that caused a mudslide disaster and they hope it won't happen again. tara live to show us what the crews have done to try to protect the area. >> reporter: we just spoke to public works a couple minutes ago and they say somebody will be here 24-7 over the weekend while it continues to rain. there will also be clearing the storm drains on a frequent basis to make sure no back ups happen. that's where the landslide happened and you can see where all of the mud spilled out here into the park and then this netting as we pan over you can see this is the netting that is supposed to sort of keep this mud in place and from further sort of moving along. if you look over you can see we have bales of hay that are supposed to keep the water and mud from spilling over. the priority is to make sure the rain doesn't make the mudslide worse. first the city said 45,000- gallons of water gush from that pipe but now they say it's more
7:33 am
like 97,000. the water and mud is slid down the hillside and into the park and onto the avenue trapping dozens of cars with mud up to the tips of their tires. >> yeah, it's good that we have put some [inaudible] there because that big hole in there. it might be raining for the weekend and start now. we little bit nervous. >> reporter: now today the street is clear but the park obviously still buried in four feet of mud. again the crews will be trying to keep more mud from slipping and then will try to rebuild the hillside there where there is still this gaping hole and trees have fallen over in its wake. if you take a look you can see now better that the light is -- the sun is up here, just how they have placed some rows of sandbags and different sorts of things in layers down the hillside to prevent further slip age. rebuild that will take months
7:34 am
to complete. live, ktvu. >> all right. it's raining in parts of the bay area this morning and it's going to continue through the weekend. steve will have the weather forecast in just about seven minutes. >> its going to be a busy day at sfo as the holiday travel season officially kicks off. alex savage is at the airport with the holiday rush. >> reporter: good morning. you can expect some delays due to the wet weather and also expect big crowds out here at sfo. this is the busiest day of the travel season. 140,000 passengers expected to pass through the airport here and things are already in high gear this morning. want to you take a look inside terminal three. the security lines long. the lines to check in are long as well. lots of people heading out of town for the holiday week. between today and the sunday after thanksgiving 1.2 million
7:35 am
are going to pass through sfo and this could be a record setting holiday travel season here. between now and new year's the airport is expecting a 3% jump in passenger volume compared to last year. that means lue have company if you plan to fly. i talked to a family from mill valley. they are going to hawaii. they showed up extra early to fly. >> we were driving in and by all the lines, we made sure we had our boarding passes to just -- and carry on and just get out of here right away. >> yeah. try to keep it low stress. >> especially with twins, first time traveling with them. >> reporter: the airport is recommending you arrive at least an hour and a half here and they are urging people to take public transit or share a ride to the airport. the parking lots are going to be filling up mighty fast between now and thanksgiving. meantime as we come back you can get a look at the conditions at sfo. weather isn't helping things at
7:36 am
all. because of the low cloud creeling the wet weather they are experiencing significant delays already today although the operations folks say it's mostly on arriving flights so far. live this morning at sfo alex savage. >> thank you. 7:35. some traveler also have an easier time going through the long lines at sfo. the airport has a new program in place called tsa precheck. it lets passengers who have gone through special background checks to go through security without having to take off their shoes and jackets or take liquids and laptops out of their bags. frequent flyers with american and united airlines can join for free. other travelers can join for $100. >> time 7:36, overnight news, police say a suspect is in if the hospital with life threatening injuries after a confrontation last night with police. police tried to stop him as he was walking near 37th avenue
7:37 am
and fulton. police say he ran and they caught up with him but police say he resisted and then had a medical problem of some kind. paramedics gave him cpr. now we are told he is in critical condition. police haven't said why they stopped him. we are waiting to hear from police now. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. a man in santa rosa is in the hospital and a suspect is on the loose after a stabbing over night this happened just around midnight on apple creek lane. police say when they arrived they found a man who had been stabbed twice. he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. if you have any information about this, call santa rosa police. >> a north bay -- a bay area mother is begging the thief who stole an urn with the ashes of her baby to bring it back. she was homeless until she
7:38 am
moved her family into their current home. they thought better time was ahead but the home was robbed and among the stolen items was a heart shaped urn with the remains of her son who died at birth in january. >> i beg you, do not dump my baby. do not discard him like he didn't mean anything and like he is trash. he was loved and he was wanted by his family. >> the baby had down syndrome and spinal problems in utero. doctors told her to end the pregancy but she doesn't believe in abortion. >> the president of chico state suspending all fraternity and sorority activities for the rest the semester after the death of a 21-year-old who died after drinking to much at a off campus party. the college officials say -- he was pledging to join a
7:39 am
fraternity and his death could be related to hazing. college officials say they will establish a new set of guidelines at the greek organizations have to follow in order to be reinstated. >> we have a lot of guidelines but i'm sure they will be even stricter. >> students will be allowed to live in their houses for the rest of the semester but all activities have been suspended until further notice. >> sacred heart community service is desperately asking for donations before the thanksgiving holiday. dozens of people camped out in the rain last week to get vouchers for holiday food boxes. four thousand families signed up. sacred heart is still 3,000 turkeys short. to help you can drop off a turkey after make a donation online. for more information look under the web links section of tonight is the kickoff for a bay area holiday tradition. the san francisco spca revealed
7:40 am
its holiday windows at macy's. look at them. the windows feature cats and dog that are available for adoption. the holiday window display has helped 2300 puppies and kittens find family. people who are not in a position to adopt can still help, donations have raised almost $400,000 to help other animals. >> look at that puppy. >> traffic not beautiful near the bay bridge. it's not looking good. >> no it's still rough. you know -- because of earlier problems. the maze here on 80 westbound. you can see it's coming slow around the corner getting to the toll plaza. there is a solid delay at the plaza. you can see it though it's moving better than it was. lyings have been sped up a bit to get the traffic moved on
7:41 am
through. it's a little bit wet. peninsula, 101, 280, slow traffic. 101 near 92. it's a little crowded. not stop and go but crowded heading over from haywood to foster. haywood traffic is busy heading south. the fremont no major problems. highway 4 not as bad. pleasant hill to walnut creek. we have slow traffic, westbound 24 -- we have a lot of slow spots there. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very happy friday. a cloudy wet friday. up -- said the rain started and my friends said the rain -- so moving south to authorityw. he have had rain along parts of the peninsula, east bay, this first band not that strong. the second one. that's with the low, it'll be this evening. that will i think give a lot more rain to the evening drive than we are seeing for the morning. there is -- some of this is light, not a lot.
7:42 am
head up to the north bay. south and north. this first band coming in, just sets the stage. that's getting the atmosphere all primed up. there is plenty to go around. light rain. maybe moderate rain. there are two systems here, two with in two. we are getting the first band in, the first system and then the low tonight that. will pick up some of the rain rates, rainfall totals light but -- i think in the effect 24 hours we could see three quart quarters of an inch. then the second system. that has a lot more cold air. that's more of the classic as it sweeps in. does doesn't look like a heavy rain. now again this is putting a lot of moisture, this first system and you get cold air and mix that with warm you are setting the stage for a cloudy, mostly cloudy weekend and off and on rain. starts today. 60s on the temperatures. now this is the warmer sector
7:43 am
so last i heard steve is up in the keys in tahoe, said raining in 37, i think you have to wait for some areas to get the cold air way will be late saturday into sunday and then clear it out. take that into monday. tuesday increasing clouds, light rain wednesday, after that things look good for thursday. >> thank you. former cia director on the hot seat on capitol hill. why we may not see or hear his testimony about the tragedy in libya. >> i saw the truck crossing the tracks, act halfway across the gates started coming down. >> witnesses reported seeing moments before a deadly train crash into a parade honoring veterans.
7:44 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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7:46 am
. opening lower on wall street. dell falling after earning reports disappointed investors. watching for developments as the president heads in to negotiations. the dow down 18, nasdaq down five. . >> one week after he resigned, petraeus are testifying at a hearing on capitol hill about the attack in libya. emily is in washington to tell us what we are hearing about what he is saying >> reporter: good morning. he has at least an hour and 20 minutes of testimony out of the way. he did that in front much the
7:47 am
house starting at 7:30. now he is in front of a senate committee. all of this being done behind closed doors and despite the cameras trying to track him as he goes into get a look at his face and what he may be thinking he has not appeared before the cameras this has been kept very private but inside there will be no avoiding the investigation. the house and senate want to know what he has learned about the september attack of the consu late there. are conflicting reasons giving for the attack, was it prompted by an anti muslim film, was it the work of terrorists? the coi ruled out the film as a factor but he had already briefed congress the day after the attack. one official with knowledge of the case said he mentioned both possibilities in that meeting. after his testimony and house hearing wrapped up republicans and democrats say they have different roping recollections.
7:48 am
>> very different recollection. the clear impression was that the overwhelming amount of evidence was that it was a -- it was a demonstration and was not a terrorist attack. >> he made it clear there was no politic the alamoive in the process. there was their best assessment as they gathered intelligence. >> what was it like in a room one week after he had resigned? congressman king said the mood was cordial. he said he wasn't put under oath. bill young said the house chair asked one question about the affair and then told committee members that the topic was off limits. >> thank you for that report. tragedy in texas. it happened during a parade honoring veterans when a parade float was hit by a train. four people were killed, 17 were hurt in midland texas.
7:49 am
a decorated flat bed truck carrying veterans and their families was trying to go across railroad tracks when it was hit by a speeding train. >> i saw the truck crossing the tracks about halfway across the gates started coming down. the truck tried to blow his horn to get the other people in front of him out of the way. >> there was another truck right ahead of that float but that truck managed to get out of the way before the train came along. union pacific said the crossing gates and the lights were working but at least one witness said she didn't hear any warning bells. federal investigators are still looking in to what happened. >> new this morning some luck and a quick thinking police officer are credited with an important arrest in the war against oakland gang violence. pam cook is in the newsroom with a story that starts with a romantic dinner, unusual. >> reporter: its. an off duty officer was out
7:50 am
celebrating his wife's birthday when he spotted a well known suspected gang leader. it happened at the steak house ins. the officer spotted the gang member and his entourage. police were alerted. they came and arrested him as he left. oakland police say the string of violence left behind has been going on for a while and it includes his wife week targeted by a rival gang. >> she was shot picking up her kids from daycare. we hope this will at least end the ongoing gang violence. >> police say that the gang leader was wanted for multiple shootings in oakland and a home robbery. the officer also said that they have been tracking him to seven locations.
7:51 am
. butter ball investigating reports their turkeys were abused. animal right groups claim they have proof. the group is called mercy for animals this he say they posted undercover video of turkeys being thrown and kicked. last year another video led to the arrests of five employees. >> the oldest building has been around for more than 170 years but it's future is uncertain. it was once home to the town's name sake. now it's covered in grafitti. the planning department has approved a plan to turn it into a private clubhouse for a housing development.
7:52 am
the town cubs ill is protesting to the city council which has the final say. some are worried about any development or museum in the area. >> okay. you can experience a little peace of the louvre. two san francisco museums featuring rare artifacts. >> some fans of twilight are calling day bitter sweet.
7:53 am
7:54 am
. two museums have signed an agreement to exchange works of art with the louvre. it'll run through at least 2017
7:55 am
the first show opens tomorrow at the legion of honor. it features royal treasures of the french manarcha. >> the final chapter for twilight. the last installment premieres. these fans were cheering as the theaters opened. the first showing of the movie breaking down part two, it is the 5th and final movie in the series. some -- they are cheering, smiling but for some it's bitter sweet. they have grown up with these characters. >> all right. let's check in with sal. its been a real mess. >> reporter: still not good in traffic. we had a crash, almost two hours ago now on 80 on the bridge. it's blocking several lanes, it was gone about an hour ago. maybe an hour and 15 minutes and the traffic is still recovering though it's not as
7:56 am
bad as it could be. it's still backed up in to the berkeley area. 580 up in to the lake shore area. let's move along and take a look at 880 northbound. very slow traffic. some are heading south on 880 to catch the bridge. contra costa, southbound 680, not as bad as yesterday but it's backed up near highway 42. let's go to steve. >> cloudy skies, light rain. the first part just setting the stage for the second system that. will be tonight. this is more show than go. there is been light rain. cloudy, cool, i say cloudy because there may be a break between ten and two. there is the first band and you can see that break to the west. not a lot of sun but some of that rain will taper off. some of that moving in to the north bay. you can see a dry edge on the back side. western sonoma. coming out a little wider not bad. really light stuff right now.
7:57 am
the stronger system moving towards and that could really make it interesting later on today especially for the evening drive and the stronger system, colder one late saturday, sunday. cloudy rain off and on, nothing to heavy in the morning, it'll be cooler, some areas socked in with the clouds, stronger system late saturday, them the rest of sunday looks good but cool and breezy, monday, tuesday, could be rain late tuesday, wednesday. then thursday looks okay. >> okay. one year has gone by and for a lot of people in vallejo it still feels like yesterday. how the community plans to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. . >> and police are calling a horrible crime. the kidnapping and assault of a 65-year-old woman and the suspect arrested overnight isn't even old enough to drive. what we have learned about this case and the investigation underway. . >> you may not be able to buy
7:58 am
hostess anymore. the announcement and how workers reacting.
7:59 am
. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back. >> it's friday, it's november
8:00 am
16th. just a couple of hours police in val johan are expected to tell us the details of a brutal assault and kidnapping of a 65- year-old woman and the arrest of a 14-year-old suspect. we were the first to report this at 4:30. we are back with the latest. >> reporter: we know the 14- year-old suspect is from vallejo. he is in custody right now on several charges including attempted murder, assault, and kidnapping for a crime that police say started here last night. we are on plaza drive in vallejo. this is a retail shopping center. we can't tell you which store it started in front of because police aren't releasing but they say the victim was coming out of one of the stores when she was kidnapped at gun point and forced to drive her van to hidden brook parkway and interstate 80. that location just a few miles from here. we went to that location and shot this video, you can see
8:01 am
the area leads to a subdivision. there is traffic begin in and out. otherwise it's a remote area. police say the woman was found tape up and unconscious in a ditch and had been the victim of a physical and sexual assault. passers by saw her after six, called the police and called for help. police were able to talk to the victim and witnesses provide information that they say assisted in the catching of the suspect. they also say that a family member of the victim did get a ransom call. how they tracked down the 14- year-old still isn't clear right now but police say the 14- year-old did come back to the shopping area and was arrested there. when they took him into custody he had the victim's property on him, her van and a replica han gun. he is facing several charges, he is in juvenile hall right now and police have been working through the night to solve this case. they are currently working at this hour and they are planning
8:02 am
on holding the press conference to release more information. >> police have arrested a man in connection to ads placed on craigslist. . >> new this morning, thousands of workers who are out on strike including many here in the bay area could now be out of a job permanently. that's because the company they work for that makes hostess product s is making good on its threat to shut doors, more on how they are reacting. >> reporter: good morning. those workers in shock and customer that have been talking
8:03 am
to are sad that products may be going away. i went into this store and i bought the last package of twinkies. employees said that hostess hasn't delivered in a week. now we just got in video into the newsroom of this bakery in oakland that makes products and workers were still striking because they haven't gotten word that hostess was shutting down but the company said it was going to court for permission to close operations and liquid ate it's assets. workers have been striking at its 86 bakeries nationwide fighting for better wages and benefits. if granted more than 18,000 will loose their jobs. the employee has been given a 5:00 p.m. deadline yesterday to stop striking. this morning workers were at a loss for words. >> the shelves, the shelf
8:04 am
space where the products were will be empty. the stores will ask others to make things to fill those shelves, so new jobs, new opportunities for jobs. >> i took this picture of what the shelf looked like inside safeway. the person in charge of restocking the products hasn't been here for days and it's not clear what will happen to these icon products. one of the customer that i spoke to at the store said if they stopped making it's produck itself would be unamerican. back out here live, again, customers really aren't sure what will happen but since i have been telling you it -- it's going to be interesting to see if there will be a rush on buying these products here at any of the store that sell them. reporting live from loss gatos. channel 2news. >> thank you. wal-mart workers plan to disrupt holiday shopping on
8:05 am
black friday. they will stage one thousand separate protests at wal-mart stores around the country one week from today. they are upset by working conditions and want to join a union but said wal-mart retall ates against those who try to organize so they are planning flash mobs. . >> we have new video of the president meeting leaders at the white house this morning. in fact they as the resulted their meeting on how to avoid the fiscal cliff 45 minutes ago. >> we have to make sure that taxes don't go up on middle class families, that our economy remains strong, that we are creating jobs and that is an aagaina that democrats and republicans and independents, people across the country share. >> there is one main sticking point. taxes on the wealthy. the president has said any deal must involve those taxes,
8:06 am
republicans refuse. this morning the president seemed to try to get negotiations off to a friendly start. >> back here at home police in vacaville look for answers in a 30-year-old murder case. family members and friends held this vigil in memory of deanna lynn johnson, she was murdered after going to a party near her home. she was only 14 at the time. while no arrests have been made, friends say they know who did it. >> her mother suffers every day. we as a community don't understand why the pd has never stepped up and we are just asking to give us an answer. >> the police say they still don't have enough evidence to make an arrest in the case. friends and family members asking anyone who may have been at that party 30 years ago to call the police with information. its been almost 24 years
8:07 am
since a girl went missing and while her family is a step closer to closure, there is still a lot of questions. the county sheriff is waiting for test results about a bone found in a well where victims of the speed freak killers are said to be buried. monday will mark the anniversary of her kidnapping. her mother plans to hold a gathering at the market where she disappeared. community members invited to come and tie a ribbon in her honor. >> a memorial planned in vallejo this weekend to remember an officer who was killed in the line of duty. its been one year since the officer was allegedly shot and killed by henry smith junior. he is a accused of leading police on a high speed chase after he robbed a bank. the memorial is planned for 11:00 tomorrow morning on the steps of city hall. the suspect is scheduled to appear in court for his hearing on november 27 president. in a special report,
8:08 am
oakland police will now dispatch two chaplains to officer involved shootings. these ministers will console the families who have lost loved ones when they were shot by police. the new policy is in response to out country over incidents like the shooting death of a teen. his family and investigators at odds over if he pointed a gun first at an officer. the chaplain also guide the families through the investigation process. >> israeli military say they may expand air strikes to include a ground campaign much that's after hamas took responsibility for a rocket attack aimed at jerusalem. militants also targeted tell aviv for a second day. those rockets have been flying back and forth for three days now after israel launched an offensive can killed a top hamas leader.
8:09 am
today the prime minister of egypt called for an end but the israeli military has called up 16,000 and are moving tanks near the border. more protests are planned today in san francisco outside the israeli consulate. the yesterday propalestine demonstrators called for an end to the fighting in gaza and an end to united states support of israel. a smaller group of proisraeli demonstrators held a counter demonstration defending israel. police set up extra barricades. this protest lasted about 90 minutes, nobody was arrested. >> be aware of more protests this afternoon in san francisco for traffic. let's check in with sal now. >> its been slow, from early this morning we had a crash on the bay bridge and normally when that happens we have big back ups. we are seeing some improvement
8:10 am
but it's still slow. getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see slow traffic coming through to the city. you may want to take bart, it's a great way to get to the city. we are are also talking about oakland of course. northbound 880. traffic is busy coming up through. a lot of people avoid 580, they are on 880 instead. concord, walnut creek, southbound 682, slow traffic there. i tilt the maps down to the peninsula. when you get to 101. the wet weather is moving through. here is steve. >> very light though. >> it is. >> very, very light. more of a nuisance. just really night. some bands moving through. couple light rains. heavier rain comes in this evening and late saturday into sunday. cloudy, cool, light rain. it's chilly for some. if you don't have the rain it's cold. cloudy again.
8:11 am
there could be a break-in between like ten to two and we will cloud it up again. heavier rain this evening. what's coming in now is the warm sector of this system. napa has been sleeping in, 50 for temperatures, some areas san jose upper 50s. here is what's going on. the first part of the system. that's not doing much but this will. that's the low and that will have a lot more umph. you can see something on radar. light rain, maybe occasionly. you see yellow near nevado. that could be a little heavier but there is a back edge. what is going through here won't last long. we will just wait about an hour or two. we will get that break and seat decrease in the rain. it'll pick up later. its being kicked along by a stronger, colder system. tenth of an up much because the second part is much if stronger. then the second system. snow level also go high on the
8:12 am
first system and then start to come down late saturday and sunday. this should be through by 8 a.m. sunday. the rest of sunday should be all rightt. will be cool and breezy. most of the rain will be soup. the first part, bit of a break. second part stronger. off and on rain. nothing to heavy. it'll pick up ton. cooler and if you are stuck in the cloud cover, it's cold. cloud and rain late saturday early sunday and then cool and breezy into monday. one more system. >> thank you. two more ski resorts set to open today. squaw valley and kirkwood will have one chair lift running starting at nine this morning. less than an hour. both say two feet of snow fell this week making possible for them to open a week earlier than scheduled. >> we have breaking news right now. with very gotten word from the coast guard in new orleans they
8:13 am
are investigating a fire on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. this a day after the big settlement over the bp explosion and massive spill in 2010. as we get more information we will bring it to you. >> and former cia director behind closed doors, testifying on capitol hill, what he is telling lawmakers about the attack on in libya. 83
8:14 am
8:15 am
. light rain moving through. it'll be here for another hour
8:16 am
or two. heavier rain tonight that. will be the stronger system and that will make for a wet evening. >> we have more on the breaking news. the coast guard confirming that an oil rig caught fire off the coast of louisiana. there are reports now that two people are dead and two are missing. a spokesman from the coast guard said that they activated a command center to investigate the incident. the coast guard is expected to release more details later this morning but a fire on a oil rig in the gulf of mexico, two dead and two are missing. >> dramatic new video. hurricane sandy, when -- look at this video. two train stations, elevators flooded. several feet of water filling the stations. one of them is in jersey city. the other one is in hoboken. service has been suspended
8:17 am
until further notice. yesterday the president was in staten island new york. he had a firsthand look at the devastation. he was talking to family members including this couple, this is nick and diane. they waited in a small crowd just to see if they could get a chance to talk to the president and they did. the president has promised fema will be there as long as it takes to get people back on their feet. >> petraeus has managed to dodge cameras as he talked to congress on capitol hill. we are learning a bit about his testimony from lawmakers questioning him. >> reporter: this is the first appearance for him on capitol hill since he resigned one week ago. he has managed to make it into
8:18 am
two separate hearing this is morn ifing without being caught on camera by the news crews trying to get a look at him. lawmakers say his testimony this morning has focused on the libya attack and there was only a brief mention of the affair that forced him to resign. >> he was asked to start -- did that have any impact on his testimony and he said no. he was very professional, very knowledgeable. very strong. >> reporter: this morning republicans are expressing frustration about what they call conflicting testimony from him about the attack in libya this killed four americans. they say that the general told them days after it happened it was the result of a protest, now he says he always believed it was terrorism so it doesn't seem like the testimony is putting any of the controversy to rest. reporting live from washington dc. >> in the meantime the fbi
8:19 am
agent who started the investigation that led to the resigning said a shirtless photograph of him, here it is, found in the e-mail of jill kelley was meant as a joke. he said he was making fun of hippings that it was not intended to be sexual. he said the photograph shows him with a pair of target dummies and he said everybody thought the dummies looked like him sewe mailed the photograph to dozens of friends saying which one is fred. >> we continue the investigation into controversial spending at the port of oakland. hat night commissioners held a meeting. the interim leader promised a new era of responsibility and ethical leadership. acting executive director didn't talk about the internal investigation but noted that the port is taking steps to improve oversight. an investigation found that a couple of top managers expensed
8:20 am
thousands of dollars including money spent on a trip to a strip club in houston texas. the port has a deal with another problem, the port runs the airport and some union workers have voted for a strike. they are with the union unite here 2850. they work for a contractor. one of their complaint s is some are union while others are not. there is no timetable on when that union may call for a strike. >> more bart trains needed because so many people are riding them. the san francisco examiner reports bart expects a half million passengers a day in the coming years. bart will need about 880 train cars to carry them. 775 new train cars were bought in a decade or two bart believe itself may need around a thousand to carry 750,000
8:21 am
riders. >> important 49ers should be ready to go against the bears. the head coach, will return after going to the hospital, getting checked for an airregular heartbeat. he had a minor procedure. we are -- that news caught some of the players off guard. they said he looked fine. he was out slapping hands. and allen smith is on track to be playing on monday after this play where he had a concussion during the game with the rams last sunday. he suffered blurred vision, had nausea caused by a concussion. doctors have to clear him to play. he went through a light work out yesterday. his second straight practice. he is hoping to make his 29th straight start. >> the trophy case of buster posey getting crowded. he capped the championship season by winning the top
8:22 am
individual honors, mvp. this was not even close. he received 27 of 32 first place votes, posey has now one two world series titles, rookie of the year and leg mvp. this is just the beginning. he is very talented so gracious. he thanked his teammates and front office, coaches, congratulations. >> very young. he has a long career. strange crash involved a woman and her child. how what she did shut down operations at a major airport. >> and steve has been wanning us since 4:30, get ready for a wet and windy weekend. . >> good morning. are you looking at a very crowded interstate 80. it's very slow coming down to the maze because of earlier issues. we will give you alternate routes.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
. a real scare on the runway of the phoenix arizona airport. a woman rammed her car through an airport gate, drove across a runway and shei had a small child in the car. now police eventually got the woman to stop. neither she nor the child were hurt. security said she looked like she was impaired somehow. operations there at the airport should to be shut down. >> let's check in with sal and see if the weather may be impacting traffic.
8:26 am
>> we have been lucky because today we haven't had a lot of rain. steve said it's very light and looking outside. just wet enough to make people maybe slow down. bay bridge got off to a bad start because of an earlier crash. all the lanes open. just happened to check about sierra conditions, no chains required on 80 or 50 right now. always a good idea to carry them but right now they aren't required. we are look at the san mateo bridge. some have been veering off the bay bridge. air delays by the day at sfo or flights because of the weather. the morn ifing drive on the peninsula, going to moderately heavy. 101 and 280. 280 the best bet and across the bay 880 southbound just a little better than usual. >> very light rain. could be little more than just light for some.
8:27 am
really not much until tonight and that system will start to pick up the rain rates, little bit of snow, you can see not a lot with this system but there will be more on the back side of that and that will be the upper level show. san rafael, marin, the system not done yet. that low spinning there. that has to come in tonight. looks like its taking aim at north bay. cloudy rain, off and on. cooler today. a lot of cloud cover and cool, a colder system late saturday. takes into sunday morning and then we will see cool and breezy conditions. >> time 8:27. why he is banning fraternities and sororities. . >> if you are flying out of town you will have some company today. sfo is already crowded on this
8:28 am
busy travel day, how the wet weather could impact travel plans. >> we are live in a neighborhood where officials say they will be at the site of a landslide, 24-7 all weekend long. how they plan to protect residents the threat of another slide. çívúóó the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
8:29 am
8:30 am
. nervous residents in one neighborhood are worried about the rain that are coming after being swamped with mud and water. we are live now where that neighborhood was hit just three days ago. what are they doing? >> if you take a look you can
8:31 am
see the hay they have set up. that's to stop the mud from further slipping over and down in to the street. then as we walk over this way it's really muddy in this particular part park. you can see the netting here that they have laid in order to prevent the mud from further slipping. you can see where it started, where the water main broke. we spoke to public works crews, they say they will have someone here on site around the clock over the weekend. the priority right now is to make sure that the rain doesn't make the mudslide worse. crews will be watching the storm drains, lining up the hay and making sure rain water is being diverted where it should go. the stir said that 45,000- gallons of water gush from the pipe. now it's saying it's more like 97,000. let's double the -- the water and mud if slipped down the hillside in to the park and on to the avenue trapping dozens of car was mud to the tips of their tires. one man said he was gone when
8:32 am
the water main broke and his car was missing when he came back. >> i look around and i couldn't find it for almost two hours or three. then -- i called the police and they were -- my car was in pacific. >> reporter: it was towed down. had they cleaned it up? >> no. >> reporter: he took the car to a car wash and he is concerned about the hill slipping further. today the street is clear but hillside park is still buried in four feet of mud in spots. the goal obviously to keep the mud from further slipping and i'm standing on a park bench right now. this is the bench part of it. you can see how high the mud got. crews still have a lot more work to do. they will have to dig all of the mud out so people can use the park. kids used to play ball here. they will haveo work on that
8:33 am
and patch up that hillside. fill it back up and repair that broken main. >> the holiday travel season getting off to a rough start because of the wet weather. alex savage is live with more on the impact the rain is having on flights and what traveler is expect. >> reporter: good morning. the wet weather and low clouds here already slowing things down this morning. impacting those arriving flights, we are seeing delays there and we can expect departures could be impacted as well throughout the day. bad timing on the rain here because the day is the busiest day of the thank giving travel season here at sfo. 140,000 passenger ifs expected to arrive and depart today. terminal 3, doesn't look good. the security lines long and the lines to check in just as long. between today and the sunday after the holiday 1.2 million travelers are going to pass
8:34 am
through sfo. it's recommended if you are going to be one of them, one family played it safe this morning. >> we will go in, get some food, relax, check bags in, no stress. >> you don't want to deal with. . >> i'm a frequent flyer. when you travel with a little one get there early. don't worry about it. it makes life easier. everybody will be stressed today. >> reporter: the spokesman for sfo said that they have seen a trend over the last few years, this friday before thanksgiving has quickly become the busiest travel day of the season because many schools off for the week of the holiday and more families decide to leave town early. if you are flying keep in mind the rain is causing a half hour delay on most arrivals. >> the weather is another reason to look at your flight,
8:35 am
the status, see what time its leaving at. as the day progresses, i think we will expect more rain, so we will have to watch how that affects the flights. >> sfo expect this is could be a record setting holiday travel season. they are looking at a potential 3% increase in passenger volume compared to what they saw last yearw. that in mind the folks here recommend that you take public transportation or get dropped off here at the airport if you have a flight. those parking lots are going to be filling up fast between now and thanksgiving. we are live at sfo. alex savage. >> thank you. the holiday travel should be easier for at least one group of people at sfo. the airport has put in place the program called tsa precheck. it lets passengers who went through a special background check to quickly go through security without having to take their shoes and jackets off or take liquids and laptops out of
8:36 am
their bags. frequent flyers with american and united airlines can join the program for free, other travelers can also join but at the cost of $100. >> the president of chico state university suspended sororities and from tenants. this after the death of a 21- year-old of san diego. he died after drinking to much at an off campus party. he was pledging to join a fraternity and his death may be related to hazing. the college will establish a new set of rule that the organizations have to follow in order to be reinstated. >> it's a little bit extreme. i can understand this -- this serious problem. >> the students will be allowed to live in their frat houses for the rest of the semester but all activities have been suspended. >> the family of a man killed by a disturbed trespasser in the berkeley hills has filed a
8:37 am
wrongful death lawsuit against the city. the man was beaten to death in his driveway in february. he had called police about the trespasser and was attacked while waiting for them to come. his family is suing the city of berkeley over the response. most officers were watching over an occupy march at the time. daniel dewitt was arrested for the murder and deemed mentally ill. >> a week after he resigned as cia director he is behind closed doors on capitol hill at an intelligence committee hearing talking about the attack in libya. we are in washington now to tell you what we are hearing about what he is testifying about. >> reporter: good morning. we know that he has wrapped up both his house and senate hearings, these are classified. they were done behind closed doors and we got in view of him despite all of the cameras that
8:38 am
were there hoping to get a look at him. they wanted to mow what he knew about at tack. there were conflicting reasons given for the attack immediately after it. was it violence from a film or was it the work of terrorists? the cia eventually ruled out the film as a factor but he had already briefed congress the day after the attack and an official with knowledge of the case said he mentioned both possibilities in that briefing. after his testimony in house hearing wrapped up republicans and democrats say they have different recollections of the first briefing. mccain addressed the group of media after the hering wrapped up. >> the general's briefing was complete, i think it was important and added to our ability to make judgements
8:39 am
about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. he described his actions in that -- of his agency, interaction with other agencies and i appreciate his service and his candor. >> on the house side we heard that the briefing was cordial. no no oath was given. one indication came from bill young who said -- asked one question about at fair and then told the members that the topic was off limits. >> thank you for that report from washington. you saw the senator a moment ago. tempers are flairing over this investigation into the libya attack. now yesterday the senator was caught on tape lashing out at a cnn producer after being asked why he missed a key meeting
8:40 am
early their week. >> in. because i have a right as a senator to have no comment. >> that wasn't easy to hear. he has been a loud critic for not giving lawmakers enough information about the attack. his spokesperson said he missed because of an error in scheduling. >> we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the road. >> yeah. it's a busy, still unwinding from kind of a rough start this morning. we are seeing improvement but i want to show you 80 westbound. it's behind the schedule all morning after an earlier crash on the bay bridge in the 6:00 hour that's been cleared for almost two hours now. the traffic on 80 is backed up well into the richmond area. we are looking at the toll plaza. it hasn't improved though we haven't had any new problems in the last couple hours, people
8:41 am
using the san mateo bridge may see more slow traffic there as you drive through. i have a map i want to put up. westbound 92 traffic is slow. we are having minor delays on bart but i would still recommend bart instead of driving your car in to the city. . >> take a look at my christmas tree. took me a couple hours to get it up. light rain this is more of that oregon mist. hit us, missed oregon. it's setting the stage for a stronger system. part coming in tonight. some areas getting rain. maybe a burst of moderate but then -- i don't think sunny but that part. that's the low that. will come in tonight. 50s on the temperatures, san jose, 58, other locations in the low 50s. kind of chilly and cold in that cloud cover. again, just a broad brush on the rain and it's not very
8:42 am
heavy, it's setting a lot of moisture and this is the warm sector, the system that comes in tonight i have a lot more dynamics. once you set up everything which is happening right now that gives the opportunity for heavier rain for tonight and could be more in the north bay than anywhere else. we will just ease into that. first system with rain now. a break, maybe ten to two, three and then that low comes in, that will give us heavier rain. the next system from the gulf of alaska. looks like it'll sweep through. i think most of sunday will be all right. just not very warm. one system, second part there, then the one for the weekend up top. cloudy, rain, off and on, light, sometimes heavy. it'll pick up tonight. no doubt. temperatures today stuck in the 60's. really not going anywhere on the high side.
8:43 am
break saturday, noon to about three or four, or five and then next colder system, should be gone sunday morning, rest of sunday looks good but cool and breezy, then increasing clouds tuesday. >> time is now 84:52. a texas parade honoring vets ended in tragedy. a train smashed in to a parade float. >> right now vallejo police preparing for a press conference to release more details about the kidnapping assault of a 65-year-old woman. what we have learned about the investigation and arrest of the suspect overnight who is just 14 years old. oñ
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. dow heading for its 4th straight weekly loss while the sxp if 500 is going for its third losing week. production of machinery and equipment declined sharply. taking a live look, the dow down ten, the nasdaq down 1. >> time getting ready for
8:47 am
more mudslides in daly city as rains moven. back on tuesday a rushing water from a broken pipe caused a landslide in one neighborhood. it covered dozens of cars with mud, up tootle feet deep. ? a reported oakland gang member is under arrest. the off duty officer in san francisco happened to spot the suspect in san francisco at a restaurant. he is a accused of several residential robberies, as well as shootings. the 65-year-old woman kidnapped at a vallejo strip mall is in the hospital this morning. she was a victim of an aassault committed by a teen boy. we broke this story at 4:30 this morning, we are live in vallejo now back again to tell us how this started and how it ended. >> reporter: it ended and
8:48 am
started here in the parking lot where we are standing on plaza drive. we have -- we have learned a lot about what happened here last night. this started here in this retail shopping center. it's fairly bigw. don't know which store it started in front of but the woman was here when she was kidnapped at gun point. according to police she was forced in to her car and forced to drive to this area of hidden brook parkway where she was the victim of a physical and sexuala a's she was left unconscious and duct taped in a ditch and the suspect fled in her car. . police werable to get information that helped them catch the suspect. police also say the victim's family member got a ransom call demanding money in exchange for her. now detectives found the 14- year-old back at the same shopping center before the kidnapping allegedly happened. he was arrested without incident. when he was taken in to custody he had the victim's property on
8:49 am
him, a replica hand gun and had her van. all we know about the teen is he is free vallejo and is now facing multiple charges related to the assaults, attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping for ransom. the victim is in stable condition at the hospital. right now vallejo police are preparing for a press conference. they were working through the night. the first call for help came at six last night after the victim had been left in the ditch. they have been working ever since. we know they are preparing for this press conference. we do expect more details then. live in vallejo. >> thank you. overnight news, a man may die after a run in with police overnight. officers say they tried to stop a man on foot near 37th avenue and fulton street around 11:30. they did finally catch him but he resisted arrest and then had some sort of medical problem.
8:50 am
we just spoke to police and learned he is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries. police didn't say why they confronted him in the first place. >> a bay area mother begging the thief who stole an urn with her baby's ashes who died at birth to bring them back. she was homeless until she moved. they shout better times were ahead but the home was robbed among the items was a heart shaped urn with the ashes of her son who died at birth in january. >> i beg you, do not dump my baby. do not discard him like he didn't mean anything and like he is trash. he was loved and he was wanted by his family. >> the baby had down syndrome and spine problems. the doctors told her to
8:51 am
terminate but she refused. >> it's ten minutes before nine. a parade honoring veterans ended in tragedy in texas when a float was hit by a train. four people died and 17 17 were hurt. a decorated flat bed truck carrying veterans was trying to cross railroad tracks but was stopped by traffic in front when the train ran through and hit the float. the crossing arms and lights were working the company said but a witness told a different story. >> the thing from --. >> crossing guard, it didn't even go ding, ding, i don't know if it's because of electricity was off for about 20 minutes or 30 minutes. >> witnesses say the train did use its horn but it was to late. investigators still looking
8:52 am
into what happened. >> ups and fed ex say they are the targets of a federal criminal investigation. the nation's leading shipping company said the investigation is focusing on online pharmacies. yesterday a jury convicted three men who say they used fed ex and ups to deliver drugs without press descriptions. others have been convicted on similar charges in the past year. >> allegations of turkey abuse just days before the holiday. an animal rights group said it has video proof that workers kicked threw birds at butter ball turkey farm. the group posted the video online. butter ball said it's investigating. >> still time to make sure everybody has a happy holiday this year. there are ways you can help put a turkey on the table of needy families. >> and sal will have a last check on how the wet weather is
8:53 am
a effecting your friday drive. there are hundreds of ways people use
8:54 am
lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
8:55 am
. sacred heart community needs some donations before thank gifting. last week dozens camped out in the rain to get voucher for holiday food boxes. four thousand families signed up but sacred heart still needs about three thousand turkeys. if you want to help or get more
8:56 am
information go to the website. look under the web links section. >> and then the salvation army. >> who is that? >> they kicked off creditor yearly campaign. i was the host in oakland for that great event with captain dan. the money that's collected from all the great people who were there and during a six week campaign to support salvation army programs and services all year and all the money raised through the red kettle drive stays in the community where the funds are collected. >> very good event. bay area children in need of permanent homes being matched families just in time for the holidays. part of national adoption day which is observed tomorrow. today in santa clara judges will finalize adoption paperwork, clearing the way for children to go home with their new parents. in alameda, 19 foster children will go home with their new moms and dads today. >> tonight we all get to seat dogs and cats available for
8:57 am
adoption by the spca right in the window of the macy's store in san francisco's union square. you have to love them. the puppies and the kittens will be there until january 1st until -- well somebody takes them home. the last seven year this is window display has raised $400,000 and helped 2300 of those little puppies and kittens find permanent families and homes. >> want to check in with sal one more time. >> it's slow. its been a rough own. at least it got better as the morning has been wearing on. the toll plaza backed up. once are you on the bridge it looks okay. the bridge itself wet weather into san francisco. on the peninsula we have slow traffic on 101, mostly -- little bit on 280. let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> thank you. >> all right. light rain this morning though a few breaks, around ten, 11 makes three or four we may get mostly cloudy. heavier rain comes back tonight into early saturday and then last saturday early sunday. >> off and on. >> yeah. not a big deal. little bit but heavier for it. >> all right. that's the report for this morning. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch us at noon for more of the stormy weather. we are always here for you at thank you for watching.
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